Friday, October 5, 2007

Grand Canyon

Its been a while since I have written a report on a run. But, this one was special. Like my coach Joe says "There is something about these ultra distances. People think differently and even appreciate things they usually don't". Here is my appreciation for the world around me. I have made an attempt to give you not one but two stories. There is no comparison between the two and thus this write up in no way is intended to trivialize the amazing effort thats NOT about Grand Canyon.

What lies beneath
Starting in the dark
The Sun rises
Going back home
Memories and more


Gurpreet said...

I dont know how i chanced upon your blog, but you guys are really really inspiring. I am just getting into running, half-ran the chicago marathon this year (stopped at 17 miles 'coz the marathon was terminated), but plan to finish 26.2 in Silicon Valley next month. Best of Luck for the 100 miler guys.

GS said...

this blog story is very very good. love the comparison between the run and the situation with banyan. you should post this on the yahoogroups on a weekly basis.

i think it will bring a much needed second wind to the organization.